When to Not Play

1. When you have lost concentration. Doesn’t have to be a huge break, but enough to at least clear your head and regain focus. After a couple hours of good concentration, it’s easy to catch yourself browsing the poker forums, watching TV, chatting with friends, etc. Every single time those activities hurt your profits. Other times the cards are just cold, you start getting raised out of pots, your image goes downhill, you start paying to tight or too passive and you start worrying about your profits then quit the game. It’s ok to quit the game sometimes, just be glad that you’re a card shark money maker instead of some World of Warcraft addict.

2. When you know you should be doing something else; like homework, getting ready to go out with friends, girlfriend, cleaning the house, whatever. Why? Because your play will suffer and you will accomplish nothing. Always go to poker with a clean and clear mind.

3. When you have a bad session still on your mind. You should always come to the table fresh and clear-headed.

4. Showing off in front of friends. Most poker is boring folds so don’t try to push everything for entertainment’s sake.

5. When you are tired, late at night, or playing too long and losing – bad, bad combination. These factors all feed off one another.

6. When you are in a dirty, cluttered place. Play in a clean, organized, and well-lit setting. It’s worth the trouble to clean your poker environment.

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