SNG Strategy: The ICM Concept

What is ICM?

The ICM concept (Independent Chip Modeling) is an extremely important tool for playing sit and goes at the $50 level. In essence, it’s a way of calculating your SNG equity during any part of the game, taking into account your stack size, the stack size of the remaining … more

PokerStars Tournaments

For years now, PokerStars has widely been considered the best poker site for online poker tournaments. There are more players at PokerStars than at any other poker site so the tournament scene at PokerStars is incredibly healthy. Most of the biggest online poker tournaments in the world take place at … more

PokerStars Quarter Million Guaranteed

To put the massive size of PokerStars into perspective, consider this: While Sundays are the “big” day at every room, PokerStars has gotten so big that they can run a weekly tournament on a Wednesday that challenges many Sunday tournaments.

Every Wednesday at 21:00 ET, players can join the Wednesday 1/4 … more

PokerStars WCOOP 2009

The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) is the largest tournament series on the internet. If you imagine the World Series of Poker except online, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the WCOOP is all about. This year’s championship is handing out more than $40,000,000 in guaranteed … more

Party Poker Double or Nothing SNGs

Party Poker Double or Nothing Sit and Gos have become extremely popular over the past few months. If you’renot familiar with Double or Nothing tournaments, they are just single table tournaments in which the top 5 players get their buyins doubled and the bottom 5 players go home empty handed.

Double … more

The Squeeze Play in Poker

The Squeeze play is an advanced bluff that you can use in both tournament poker and no limit cash games. It’s a powerful move but like all powerful moves, it comes with a significant amount of risk, especially for tournament players.

Used at the right time, however, the squeeze play is … more

Suited Connectors – Poker Strategy

Suited connectors are pretty hands but they are easily overvalued by newer players. The problem with suited connectors is that they don’t result in big hands as often as we’d like to think.

Suited connectors don’t make strong hands very often, but when they do hit hands, they will surprise the … more

Full Tilt 750K Guarantee Overview

The Full Tilt 750K Sunday Guarantee is the biggest weekly poker tournament you’ll find at Full Tilt Poker. It runs every Sunday at 18:00 ET and guarantees a $750,000 prize pool or greater every time. Once a month, the tournament is held with a $1,000,000 guarantee.

You can buy in directly … more

PokerStars Sunday Million Overview

The PokerStars Sunday Million is the largest regular poker tournament on the internet by a long shot. With a guaranteed prize pool of at least $1,500,000, someone takes home a first place prize of $225,000 or more every single Sunday.

Its $215 buyin might be steep by some standards but it’s … more

Double or Nothing Sit and Go Strategy

Double or Nothing SNGs are a relatively new form of poker that you can find online at PokerStars. The general idea is that 10 players join the tournament and the top 5 players double their money. The other 5 players go home empty handed

In depth explanation of Double or Nothing … more

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